Moving Free!

Find the Clarity and Release to transform your life.

Are you feeling trapped in a painful relationship, work experience, or repeated behavior you wish could change? Do you have chronic injuries or pain that's persistent?

Laura lovingly guides you to release emotional blocks,

empowering you to live the life you want!


Ready to Free Yourself from Constant Pain?

Are you trapped in a painful relationship,

work experience, or behavior you want to change?

Do you struggle to get your needs met by others,

wishing to be fully accepted when you express yourself?

Do you have chronic injuries or pain that's persistent,

and are ready to be pain free?

All of these different scenarios have one thing in common. They come from trapped energy in your body. Every experience in our mind or body that causes us pain can be related to a time when we felt that expressing our needs did not resolve them.

Energy Work integrates the mind, body, and spirit, by tapping into what's underneath the surface issues. Through it you'll gain clarity and release. Feeling relief from pain, replenished energy, and empowerment to live the life you want.

Laura's unique combination of Reiki, self-expression, and movement practices transition you into clarity and release. Join her and you'll release emotional baggage, heal your body, gain confidence being your authentic self, and regain the energy to do what you love!


Meet Laura

Laura has been an energy worker, entrepreneur, and engineer. Her passion is to help people discover their truest self-expression, and gain the confidence to live that and find their ultimate joy through it.

She is practiced in many body-centered modalities, including Reiki, dance, meditation, and primal movement. With an innate ability to hold caring space for others, and break free of the container, Laura leads others to follow their own guiding light in a powerful and supportive way that leads to true transformation.

Meet Laura

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Your body can reveal how to release what feels stuck and painful within you - whether that’s the same harmful arguments with a lover, a nagging physical pain, or a belief that your needs will always go unmet by others.

Laura offers an adventure into the soul - using nature, physical connection, and authentic expression as the means to reveal what's truly desired and to release what you no longer need. This leads to pain relief, increased energy, and empowerment.

Her method of mind-body-spirit energy work is all about moving stuck energy, freeing up more energy for you to thrive on, and a sending you off with a new, fresh type of energy that invigorates and motivates you, so you can live the life you want.

Body Directed Coaching

A 45 min coaching session to guide you through your personal mind-body connection, and into clarity and confidence in your choices.

Plan and prioritize in alignment with your heart's true desires. Questions, visualizations, and body signals are used to lead you to the next step for accomplishing your dream life.

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Activated Energy Healing

A 90 min energy healing session to provide significant healing for emotional wounds, release from long-stuck patterns (physical, emotional, and spiritual or belief systems), and renewed sense of self-love.

This session is experiential, self-expression and play based, and dives into the mind-body connection to break down and release old patterns. Option to do this in-person outdoors, indoors, or remotely (online or phone).

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Testimonials (In Your Words)


“Laura is a fearless leader and a loving, attentive guide into adventure and play. The event I joined was such a nourishing, enlivening experience of authentic connection with other women and nature. It's been a while since I felt so alive and seen in that way!"

Event Attendee

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“I was impressed with Laura's ability to intuitively know what I needed to hear. I especially appreciated the embodiment changes she seemed to channel to help me tap into my power while staying present with my emotions.”

Energy Healing Client

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"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me heal deep family wounds and my deepest programming. It was so powerful and so needed and will help me heal so much in my relationships... One of the best healing sessions of my life. And truly, you have a true gift for this stuff... You’re so perceptive, so intuitive, so energetic."

Energy Healing Client

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"[The coaching session] was a welcome, clear, fast, friendly, fun, and insightful assessment of my situation. Laura's easy insights gave me some good metaphors and visualizations to work with."

Coaching Client

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"Largely inspired by Laura, I have now also given myself permission to move freely- incorporating movement (free flow or dance, along with some singing sometimes) into my meditations and hikes and it feels so freeing and exactly what my body needs to ground, center, express, heal and let go."

Event Attendee

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“Laura has a powerful ability to tune into the needs of the present moment. She met me where I was at and helped me release intense stuck emotions. She holds a powerful space of safety and acceptance."

Energy Healing Client

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"Laura was the catapult for creating deep healing within me - understanding a situation I had looked at a million times in a new and profound way. She is loving and strong, as well as honest and direct in a beautiful combination to give you exactly what you need to release stuck emotional patterns."

Energy Healing Client

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