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About Laura

Energy Healer, Facilitator, Coach 
Instructing on Self-Expression, Embodiment, and Emotional Release

Laura has an innate skill with people that helps them feel heard, comforted, and able to self-express. She discovered her ability to heal and guide after (ironically) spending many years behind a computer! 

Laura has a background in engineering, graduating cum laude and earning a Master's degree before spending 10+ years in the Aerospace industry. Her keen logic and observational skills have been applied to relationship building, allowing her to perceive the true needs of others. And, she now teaches at UNCA in the Department of Engineering (Mechatronics) a class that brings compassion and inter-personal connection as pillars into the engineering process.

Laura is a lover of all dance and movement. She has experience dancing various styles - including ballet, salsa, bachata, blues, and more. Utilizing aspects of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, gymnastics, acro yoga, and mediation practices regularly in her movement practice, she brings diversity to her movement classes. As a child, she learned through movement how to create a strong sense of connection with her body. Laura shares the tools and techniques she’s learned from 30+ years to help others tap into their body and its needs through movement and healing sessions. 

Growing up in New Jersey, Laura was raised in a diverse environment. Her passion for learning about others has led her to connect with people of all walks of life. She has traveled over 20 countries on 5 continents, speaks 2 languages, and has experienced people living under the most basic conditions to those in famed or opulent lifestyles. She sees everyone as equal, noticing that all people have in common the needs for connection, play, self-expression, and unconditional love.

Throughout her life, Laura found that the ability to be herself was what made people smile, relax, and unleash their own wild and crazy self-expression. Moving Free! was started as a way to pass on this medium that leads to full self-acceptance. As a natural companion to whomever she meets, Laura can help you find your balance, purpose and meaning through your own life journey. She brings astute perception, intuition, and understanding to every situation. Above all, the joyful way she brings attention and love to all things emanates from her, and has the ability to unlock new forms of compassion and love within yourself.